Be ‘Bout it Being Better

Photo by Max Cooper

(Information in Spanish follows information in English. La información en español sigue la información en inglés.)

Kim Roney is a piano teacher, server, friend, and neighbor who’s running as an Independent Progressive for Asheville City Council in 2017.

Asheville is at a critical turning point, with many of its people struggling to make ends meet. Kim knows what it’s like to rely on stagnant, unreliable wages in a tourist-based economy. She believes we need to address:

Affordability! We have to courageous leaders who are as brave as the people they serve if we are going to be able to address cost of housing, transportation, childcare & education, and access to food. Kim wants to see us move towards free-fare transit, and stop subsidizing the bus on the backs of the poor, working class, and elderly people who rely on it.

Community Engagement! We will participate in public comment and apply to boards and commissions, but we also demand public input at the beginning and throughout decisions regarding development, children & education, and the environment.

Families & Our Future! Security of families and strength of community means prioritizing the environment and building community from within instead of funding systems that break families apart. This means getting real about racial equity and social justice as we address neighborhoods, schools, local ecology, police funds use, city grant funding, and more.

Be ‘Bout it Being Better requires all of us to participate, every day. Join with Kim in the effort by voting in the primary on Oct. 10th and again during the general election on Nov. 11.

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Kim Roney es profesora de piano, mesera, amiga, y vecina que está compitiendo como candidata Independiente Progresiva para el concejo de la ciudad de Asheville en 2017. Kim sabe qué hace especial a Asheville, y cree en abordar estos temas:

¡Asequibilidad! Tenemos abordar con valentía el costo de la vivienda, transporte, cuidado de niños & la educación, y el acceso a la comida.

¡Participación Comunitaria! Vamos a participar en comentarios públicos, aplicar para comisiones y mesas directivas, pero también demandamos aporte público en el principio y durante el proceso de las decisiones relacionadas con el desarrollo los niños & la educación, y el medioambiente.

¡La Familia y Nuestro Futuro! La seguridad familiar y el fortalecimiento de nuestras comunidades significa priorizar en el medioambiente y construir las comunidades desde adentro, en lugar de financiar un sistema que rompe las familias. Esto significa ser real acerca de la justicia racial, y justicia social, al mismo tiempo que abordamos los vecindarios, las escuelas, la ecología local, el uso de los fondos para la policía, el financiamiento de los subsidios de la ciudad y más.