Please join me in this campaign to Be ‘Bout it Being Better! Here are some things we can do together to participate in Asheville as a thriving community that works for all of us, regardless of our differences, addressing social justice and equity:

  • Register then VOTE! Every chance you get, especially during primaries and off-year elections, and always down-ballot. Nathanael and I realize our registration makes us eligible for jury duty, and see this as one of the tools for demanding reform of our criminal justice system.
  • ATTEND and/or apply to a Board & Commission seat! The city has over 30 advisory groups that range from Planning & Zoning to the Tree Commission, from Parks & Rec. to the Neighborhood Advisory Committee. Volunteering with one of our many valuable non-profits is a great way to learn how boards work if you want to test the waters while advocating from a stakeholder perspective. I propose that the city would benefit from an Artist in Residence program with non-voting members invited to every Board & Commission meeting!
  • Grow, prepare, and share FOOD! We should do our part at home, but also need to demand sustainable action around food policy while planning for and maintaining our natural resources of trees and water.
  • As you are able, use and promote ACTIVE transportation! Walk, bike, skate, take the bus, carpool, ride-share, and if you are a business owner, let’s work on expanding the PASSport program to offset costs for workers while freeing up parking and celebrating our participation in a healthy environment!